Bakeneko (化け猫, "changed cat")




Shinichirō Asano (Master)

Manga Debut

Chapter 01

Anime Debut

Episode 01


Kaori Sadohara (Japanese)

A two tailed cat Specter from the world of the dead. She was the second specter to be seen in the series and was first seen at Shinichirō Asano's and Sakuya Shimazu's school. She is also the very first good specter to appear in the series. Shinichiro knows her true name so she is bound to him.


She has neck length red hair with light green cat eyes. She has fair-colored skin and is normally seen wearing a yellow long sleeve shirt and a black knee-length skirt. She never wears socks or shoes and rarely wears underwear. Whenever the group is completing a mission, she wears a skimpy outift: a black bra and a black, loose thigh-length skirt and sometimes a white lab coat.


She's very protective of Shinichiro and is extremely loyal to him. Though she tries to live like a normal girl, she does act like a cat most of the time saying, "Nya" (Japanese onomatopoeia for a cat's "meow") after almost every sentence. She clings to Shinichiro purring everytime she rubs up against him, and she always licks his face.


She's introduced at Shinichiro and Sakuya's school when's she's seen pinned to a tree with an arrow enchanted with magic. Shinichiro releases her by taking the arrow out, and Sakuya shows up enraged over him freeing her. When Sakuya tries to shoot with another arrow, Shinichiro protects her at the risk of being hit, but she reveals her true self as a giant nekomata and escapes.

She's seen again with her left arm injured. It was revealed that she wasn't the culprit behind the attack of the students. It was a wolf specter that can wield lightning. She tries to help Sakuya and Shinichiro out but was quickly defeated. After the wolf specter was sealed away, Sakuya points her arrow at her again leading to her taking Shinichiro hostage. She then thanks Shinichiro for saving her again and kisses him leading to her unintentionally revealing her true name, Tama. She cowers in fear when Sakuya learns this and tries to seal her away, but Shinichiro defends her claiming that she doesn't seem violent and that she did save them. After Sakuya calms down, Tama clings to Shinichiro thanking him and calling him master.

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