Suseri Shimazu
Suseri Shimazu

島津 須世璃


Shimazu Suseri








Sakuya Shimazu (cousin)

Sagiri Shimazu (mother)

Nami Shimazu (grandmother)




Shinichirō Asano (master)

Manga Debut

Chapter 5

Anime Debut

Episode 2


M.A.O (Japanese)

Suseri Shimazu (島津 須世璃 Shimazu Suseri) is the cousin of Sakuya Shimazu and a first year high school student.

Appearance Edit

Suseri wears two types of clothing: her shrine maiden outfit and her high school outfit. She has long dark violet hair, but she keeps them up with two white ribbons in the form of twin tails. She has a large bust-size; it's the second largest behind Nadeshiko Souma.

Personality Edit

In the beginning she seemed somewhat emotionless not interested in anything outside of her family. She's has an intense hatred for Sakuya since she's competing with her to be the next head of the family. She never had any interest in Shinichiro as a person and only wanted to use him as a tool but eventually develops feelings for him to the point that she does fall in love with him.

Plot Edit

Manga Plot Edit

One day, Nadeshiko gives a call to Suseri informing her about the change in Sakuya and how she gained a strong ally in the form of Shinichiro who wields the Eye of Truth. The next day, Suseri decides to meet him in person. She encounter him organizing boxes on the second floor of Sakuya's house. Due to a miscalculation, Shinichiro accidentally falls on top of her, and she takes this chance to see if Nadeshiko's information was true. She forces him to kiss a kitsune (a fox spirit) and when he realized that, he immediately jumps off of her with the name Gonta in mind. Sakuya pops up to see why there was so much noise only to see Suseri. Suseri then asks Sakuya to hand Shinichiro over to her. Later that day, Suseri introduces herself as Sakuya's sister but in reality she was Sakuya's cousin. Nadeshiko then reveals to Shinichiro that he wields the Eye of Truth which gives him the ability to learn anything and anyone's true name by kissing them. Suseri then asks Sakuya to give Shinichiro to her, and Sakuya immediately refuses claiming that he's a valuable "maid." Suseri then criticizes her saying it seems like she hates Shinichiro. Not wanting anything to do with their fighting, Shinichiro decides to go take a shower. Nadeshiko talks to Suseri and lies to her saying that Shinichiro likes girls with breasts her size and recommended that she tries to seduce him into betraying Sakuya. She does so by sneaking into the shower to wash his back, but that plan backfires when Shinichiro's servant Tamako gets involved wanting to wash his back. Sakuya comes in threatening to punish for something he didn't do. Suseri then tries to fight back, but they're both stopped by Shinichiro and Nadeshiko.

Later that day, Nadeshiko recommends that they play a game of cat and mouse. Whoever manages to catch Shinichiro with ten minutes wins. Ignoring Shinichiro's opinion, Nadeshiko adds that they will "take ownership" of him. Tamako gets involved saying that Shinichiro belongs to her, so Nadeshiko adds if Shinichiro manages to escape both Sakuya and Suseri's grasp, Tamako wins. Still refusing his thoughts on the matter, Nadeshiko then tries to manipulate him into thinking that if Suseri manages to capture, she'll try to seduce him again. Ignoring her offer, Shinichiro runs off. Suseri then talks to her about how Sakuya was favored by their grandmother so no one could speak against her. Sakuya then tells her that she left home to prove her own strength not to the family but to herself as well. Suseri then say that she doesn't Shinichiro for that and asks her to hand him over to her. Sakuya immediately refuses telling her that he's just a butler and that his powers have nothing to do with her choice. After the thirty second head start, they started chasing after Shinichiro and Tamako. They quickly take out Tamako and continue chasing after Shinichiro. They catch up with him and try to corner him, but Suseri uses her spirit animal Kamaitachi and strips Sakuya naked. Suseri then confronts Shinichiro asking him why he puts up with Sakuya knowing fully well that she treats him selfishly and abuses him. Shinichiro admits that what she said was true times 3 (well not exactly), but he admits that he just couldn't ignore her. Suseri pushes Sakuya onto Shinichiro and admits defeat. She then forces Sakuya to kiss Shinichiro making Shinichiro learn Sakuya's true name. Suseri then leaves planning that one day she'll control Sakuya through Shinichiro.

A few days later, Suseri shows up at Sakuya's house to see Shinichiro picking weeds out of the garden. Nadeshiko explains that Suseri doesn't attend school because of her mother, so Nadeshiko home schools her. Learning this, Shinichiro realizes that Suseri must be lonely and because he pointed this out, Nadeshiko asks him to take her out to see the town. Simply put, he's asked to take Suseri out on a date. After finishing his work, Shinichiro shows Suseri the town. One hour in, Suseri gets interested in wanting some ice cream but accidentally bumps into a civilian ruining her dress. Shinichiro then takes her to a clothes shop but almost runs into Sakuya and her friends leading to Suseri hiding him in the dressing room with her.After the coast was clear, Suseri gets clothed and they head out to get some ice cream.

After things settled down a few days later, Suseri and her attendant Matsuri go to take on a snake spirit, but Suseri gets injured in the process. Shinichiro and Sakuya show up to help out, but Suseri argues with Sakuya saying that the area they were in was not Sakuya's jurisdiction. Sakuya refutes saying she's only here because Nadeshiko told her about the situation. With no side backing down, they decide to compete leading to Shinichiro getting injured to protect Suseri. Suseri tells him that he shouldn't get involved with her, but Shinichiro yells at her saying that he couldn't care less about the Shimazu family and that it wouldn't matter if he sees her in danger. After getting back on his feet, Shinichiro recommends that Suseri and Sakuya work together. Suseri agrees with the idea since he offered it, but Sakuya is completely against the idea whole. Shinichiro gives her a stern look and with no choice, she goes with the idea. Suseri distracts the spirit while Sakuya charges up an attack and releases it against the snake spirit, but it takes a toll on her and she passes out in Shinichiro's arms.

A few days later, a meeting is called to talk about Sakuya's true name being exposed, and how she's engaged to Shinichiro because of it. After Shinichiro and Sakuya speak with Suseri and her mother Sagiri, The head of the Shimazu family Nami Shimazu comes in and decides to speak with Shinichiro alone. Sagiri is against the idea, but Nami immediately shuts her down. After some time has passed Sakuya and Suseri realized that the barrier around the house was broken, so they run towards where it broke only to see Shinichiro staring at a mage wearing a white robe carrying a staff with Nami on the ground impaled by a large shard of ice, Sakuya tells Shinichiro to take Nami to Nadeshiko revealing her to be a puppet. After Shinichiro leaves, Sakuya and Suseri battle the mysterious mage, whose name is Isuca, but are completely overpowered. Before Isuca could kill them, Shinichiro steps with his katana Yashaou in hand and quickly overpowers Isuca. Even though he had the chance to kill her, he immediately stops himself from delivering the final blow. This was a fatal mistake as it enrages Isuca as she decides to kill him even though she was told not to but before she got the chance, her arm falls off. Nami returns with Nadeshiko by her side and turns the tables into their favor, but was quickly counter by another mage wearing a black robe and a mask. He then takes Isuca and disappears.

A few days after the attack, Suseri shows up at Sakuya's house except this time battered and bruised. It's later explained that she was injured doing a ceremony called the Ritual of Exorcism. It's also revealed that she was trying to tame a thunder beast called a Raiju. Sagiri shows up to take Suseri back, but immediately stops Sagiri from taking her back. Nadeshiko speaks to Sagiri about why the Raiju, which was sealed away seven years ago, is now back in the real world and after that she leaves alone without Suseri. After Sagiri leaves, Suseri thanks Shinichiro for what he did but tells him that he shouldn't get involved with the Ritual of Exorcism. Shinichiro refutes by saying that since he's not a member of the Shimazu family, the rules don't apply to him and that either way he still intends to help her. Seeing his dedication to the cause, Nadeshiko recommends his idea to Nami and the next day, she approves of Shinichiro helping Suseri but tells them since he's gonna help out the Raiju is less likely to be tamed recommending that they learn its true name. After preparations were complete, Suseri and Shinichiro to the ceremony area where they encounter Sagiri. Enraged by Shinichiro's presence, she yells at him saying that he has no right to get involved. Fortunately, her argument was shut down after Nami shows up saying that she's given her approval of Shinichiro's aid and with no choice, Sagiri leaves but not without glaring at Shinichiro. Sakuya gives Shinichiro Yashaou, and he heads to the barrier with Suseri.

During their walk, Suseri explains to Shinichiro about the Raiju on how it has the ability to wield lightning and about the different tiers of spirits. The lower the tier the more powerful a spirit is. The Raiju is a low tier 5 spirit, the snake spirit they faced before was a high tier five spirit, and Suseri's Kamaitachi is a high tier eight spirit. After the quick lesson, Suseri then asks Shinichiro why he's working for Sakuya, and Shinichiro admits that it was Nadeshiko that introduced him to Sakuya when he was looking for a part-time job. Shinichiro then asks Suseri what Sakuya was like explaining how she's annoyingly rude but acts like a snooty princess at school. Suseri admits that Sakuya is exactly how Shinichiro explains including being very lazy. However, Suseri admits to herself that she's admired Sakuya for her outgoing personality. This leads to her remembering her days training with Sagiri abusing and to some extent manipulating her to believe that Sakuya is an enemy and that she can only rely on her mother. She comes back to her senses when Shinichiro asks her if she wants to attend school with him and Sakuya. Suseri takes that question to heart when realizes that if she does attend school, she'll get to spend more time with Shinichiro. Before she could answer his question, they reach the spiritual barrier and begin the ceremony.

They encounter the Raiju and plan their attack. Suseri tries to distract it while Shinichiro seeks an opening where he can learn its true name. Taking too much thinking about her next attack, Suseri is caught off guard when the Raiju targets her but is saved by Shinichiro when he gets closer and manages to stab it in the leg rendering its movements. Shinichiro takes this chance to learn its true name but is stopped in his tracks when he's hit a bolt of electricity and knocked away with ease. Suseri runs toward him and tries to heal with some healing given to her by Matsuri, but Shinichiro stops her telling her to keep them for herself. Suseri blames herself for him getting severely injured, but Shinichiro tells her that he came here of his own volition before he passes out. Seeing his resolve and compassion, Suseri begins to see Shinichiro as a man more and more and kisses him gaining immense spiritual energy. As she lays him down with a magic spell over his wound, she hears him say Sakuya. After hearing say that, she goes quiet and turns toward the Raiju. Suseri goes in aggressively and manages to harm the Raiju even more than what Shinichiro did. After her final attack, the Raiju confronts her and sees that her she was stronger than the last time they fought, so it asks her what she wants. Suseri asks it to lend her its power for the next three years. By then, she will have beaten Sakuya, become the next head and won Shinichiro's affection. Shinichiro wakes up to see Suseri has tamed the Raiju, and Suseri has what its true name was in which he says Pomo.

After the vents of the Ritual of Exorcism, Shinichiro recovers from his injury but still feels the pain. He and Sakuya go to school one day only to be shocked to see that Suseri is now attending their school. Later that same day, Suseri talks to Shinichiro and asks him if he could show her around the school, and Shinichiro agrees to help her. Sakuya buts in saying asking Shinichiro why he can't speak to her like he does with Suseri. She then speaks to Suseri saying that she shouldn't speak to others about their and also that their cousins. Suseri was already aware of not telling others what they do outside of school, but she's already revealed that they're cousins. Sakuya starts freaking out thinking that her "reputation" is gonna be ruined. Before she could finish her sentence, Sakuya's friends Kanae and Fuzuki pop up, and Sakuya immediately flips her persona to a soft-spoken well-mannered girl. They immediately misunderstand the situation when they see her together with Shinichiro and Suseri and walk away after talking to Sakuya. Suseri calls her out for being two-faced, and Sakuya refutes by saying it's fine to change your attitude depending on the person. Shinichiro immediately shuts down her excuse by saying that he doesn't change the way he acts around others.

Changing up the topic, Shinichiro invites Suseri over to their house, and Suseri accepts the invitation. After school, Shinichiro properly introduces Suseri to his nekomata servant Tamako in hopes of having them getting along. Tamako is against the idea of getting along with Suseri leading to them fighting it out. Completely annoyed by how things turned out, Shinichiro yells at the top of his lungs for them to stop and without hesitation, they both stopped in their tracks. Tamako immediately apologizes after that whole ordeal was finished. Shinichiro then explains to Suseri that Tamako isn't always like this and that he hopes that they get along well. realizing that he was doing this for her, Suseri also apologizes and thanks Shinichiro for what he's done. Sakuya then wonders why Suseri quickly listened to what he says jumping to the conclusion that he knows her true name and has become her master. Shinichiro counters her argument asking how would he know her true name when he's never kissed, or so he thought until the name Sakuya pops into his head. After looking at Suseri, who was flustered at the moment, he realized that he has unknowingly become Suseri's master.

A few days later, Suseri and Matsuri show up only to see Sakuya on top of Shinichiro. It's then explained that Sakuya has a fever, so Suseri and Matsuri decide to help Shinichiro with Sakuya. After she fell asleep, Shinichiro and Suseri go out to deal with spirits at multiple areas in Yokohama. After the barriers were closed with the biggest one being closed by Shinichiro, the next day, Nami decides to have Shinichiro, Sakuya, and Suseri train on an island called Kasumi Island. On the first day on the island, Suseri takes this chance to spend more time with Shinichiro by playing with him at the beach. On the second day, she spends time with her newly contracted familiar, the Raiju, that she named Shiro. On the third day, Nami tells her and Sakuya to work together to seize a spirit. Both are against the idea leading to an argument, but they're quickly suppressed by Shinichiro with Suseri willingly apologizing to Sakuya and Sakuya reluctantly apologizing back.

They enter the forest only to realize that the spirit they're to seize was Tamako who was there to find Shinichiro. She charges at Suseri and Sakuya but is quickly overpowered. With no other choice, Tamako runs away. Suseri and Sakuya chase after her only to find her on top of Shinichiro kissing him gaining more power than before. Suseri loses her patience with Tamako and summons Shiro in an attempt to defeat take Shinichiro away from Tamako. Sakuya then gets annoyed over the fact that they're competing over him. Suseri then criticizes Sakuya by saying that she's monopolizing abusing him because of his gentle nature. After shutting up Sakuya Suseri continues with her battle against Tamako to take Shinichiro away from her. Unable to hold back, Sakuya confesses that she likes Shinichiro and kisses him at the moment he wakes up. She then uses one of her ultimate attacks to try and stop the fighting leading to Tamako falling unconscious. Their fight was official put to an end when an unknown women shows up and strips both Sakuya and Suseri naked revealing herself to be Shinichiro's sword Yashaou.

After training on Kasumi Island, Suseri officially moves in with Shinichiro and Sakuya. Shinichiro then asks her why she decided to move in. Suseri replies that she has no intention of losing to Sakuya. Nadeshiko then explains not only that but also that they have to deal with any remaining spirits that escape during the events of the multiple barriers opening. The next day, Suseri decides to help Shinichiro with the cleaning even though she's not used to this kind of work. Feeling left out, Sakuya decides to help out with the cleaning even though she's never cleaned before. One simple argument over a pot of water leads to both Suseri and Sakuya completely soaked. They share a bath together giving them some time alone together. Suseri then asks Sakuya if she's dedicated to marrying Shinichiro. Sakuya blames her for what she's in because she forced him to learn her true name. Even with this, Sakuya still has no intention to back out on becoming the next head. Suseri feels the same way since she's willingly given Shinichiro her true name. After Suseri confessed this, Sakuya then asks her if she's fallen in love with Shinichiro. Suseri doesn't know whether or not she's in love, but she admits that whenever she's around Shinichiro she gets a feeling that's irreplaceable to her. Sakuya then admits that she feels the same about Shinichiro as well.

After settling down, Suseri starts feeling at home, but things change when Sagiri shows up in attempt to take her back home. Shinichiro steps in as always to prevent her from taking Suseri away proving that he's not backing down. Not willing to hold back anymore, Sagiri summons her familiar Domeki and attacks Shinichiro. Touched by Shinichiro's determination and not willing to hold back her secret, Suseri runs towards Shinichiro and kisses him. After that, she summons Shiro and takes out Domeki. She then confesses that she had given up her true name to Shinichiro during the Ritual of Exorcism and also admits to have fallen in love with him as well.With no reason to take Suseri back home, Sagiri walks away blaming Shinichiro for Suseri's change of heart. After that occurred, the gang set out to deal with a group of spirits with a stronger one controlling them through singing. Tamako falls victim of the singing, so the gang has no choice but to retreat. Yashaou recommends that Shinichiro gets close to learn its true name, but Suseri and Sakuya are against the idea. With no other choice, Shinichiro goes for the kill and kisses the spirit. Enraged by this choice, Suseri and Sakuya use their ultimate attacks and take out the spirit before Shinichiro has the chance to give them its true name. That night, Nami calls a meeting about Shinichiro now being the master of both Sakuya and Suseri. She decides that whomever becomes his master and exchange marital vows with him will be the next head of the Shimazu family while the other will be expelled from the family. Ignoring Shinichiro's thoughts on the matter, Nami says that if he declines, they both will be expelled and another one of their cousins named Asahiko will be the next head.

After that decision was made, Sakuya and Suseri decide to confront Shinichiro on Nami's unreasonable decision. Sakuya tells him that he doesn't have to agree on the matter and tells him that the reason why she wants to be the head was to learn the truth behind the disappearance of her parents. She also said that if she learned the truth, she wouldn't care whether or not she becomes the next head. Suseri admits that she wants to respect Shinichiro's opinion. She also admits that her mind has not changed on being the next head but wonders if living with her would be a burden to him stating if that's the case then she wants to at least bear his children if he intends to live somewhere else. Caught off guard by her statement, Shinichiro and Sakuya tells her that she completely misunderstood the what they were talking about. Suseri then asks what they were talking about but before he could answer her question, Shinichiro slips over the water hose completely soaking Sakuya. Sakuya tries to get payback by spraying him but sprays Suseri trying to protect him. Sakuya then successfully sprays Shinichiro, and they enjoy themselves outside playing in the water.

As much as they were having fun, it unfortunately leads to Shinichiro falling sick in the process. Since Sakuya refuses to let him do any work today, Nadeshiko decides to have her, Suseri and Tamako dress up like maids to take care of all the housework. Instead of cleaning up the house, they fight amongst themselves, so Shinichiro steps in before things get worst. He helps them out with the cleaning. After the cleaning was finished, Shinichiro goes to take a shower. Sakuya and Suseri step in to help him get clean, but that leads to an erotic hi-jinx. Later that day, Suseri and Sakuya step out to deal with low tier six spirits, but left Shinichiro home since he was still recovering from his cold. After they've finished with the two spirits, Suseri and Sakuya realize that they were caught in a trap when a barrier was put up around the house. When they return home, they see an injured Tamako and Yashaou on the ground with Shinichiro nowhere to be found believing that the Asahina family kidnapped him. Suseri then sees a fan that looks familiar to the fan that her mother always carries around leading to her knowing that it was her mother who attacked Shinichiro.

A few days later, Suseri decides to confront her mother on the matter. Sagiri explains that she tried to kill Shinichiro for her sake thinking that marrying someone outside of the family is a disgrace. Suseri then tells tells her that she should have spoken to Nami about the matter instead of trying to kill Shinichiro leading to the possibility that she still could've been expelled since it doesn't change the fact that her true name was still learned by someone outside the family. Confused by Suseri being so defiant, Sagiri asks why she has taken so much interest in Shinichiro since he has the Eye of Truth. Suseri then explains that it has nothing to do with his ability. She then explains that Shinichiro taught her a lot of things: the main one being that if she stayed under her mother's tutelage shoe wouldn't have known what would happen to herself. She even states that she wants to be closer to him leading to Sagiri realizing that Suseri has in fact fallen in love with Shinichiro. She then gets enraged over that fact Suseri may become the next head with a marriage by love. Suseri shows that she's not giving up on Shinichiro or being the next head going to explain that Sakuya's mother Kaya had a marriage by love. Sagiri snaps when Suseri says that believing that Shinichiro changed her. Suseri refutes by saying that she just didn't know her real self or her mother's true intentions. Realizing that it's too late to go back, Suseri thanks her mother for raising her and then walks away telling her not to harm Shinichiro again. Sagiri summons Domeki to try to stop her but since she was still injured from that day, Suseri quickly overpowers her by summoning Shiro and defeating Domeki. After that, she along with Matsuri walk away with Sagiri left on the ground grieving over her loss.

Later that day, Suseri and Matsuri return to assist Shinichiro and Sakuya with dealing with some spirits. When they get home, Suseri then tells them that she's completely cut off ties with her mother. Matsuri then explains that she doesn't intend to go back to the Shimazu household and asks if they could stay there. Sakuya asks for an explanation, but Suseri declines her offer saying that it has nothing to do with her. Sakuya fight back by saying that it has everything to do with her since it's her house and that she's just a freeloader doing things that are convenient to her. Matsuri decides to sleep outside, but is stopped by Suseri saying that she shouldn't experience something like that alone. Shinichiro looks at Sakuya with an indignant look making Sakuya look like the bad guy in the situation. Nadeshiko steps in saying that there's no problem with Matsuri staying here and sends off to take a shower. During their time alone, Suseri asks Matsuri if she regrets leaving the household with her. Matsuri tells her that her mission is to serve her. This leads to Suseri telling her what she plans to do that night. After dinner that night, Suseri wakes Shinichiro only for him to not only realize that Matsuri spiked his tea so that he's paralyzed but also to see Suseri naked on top of him. Suseri then reveals her plan to sleep with Shinichiro in an attempt to have him form a pledge with her to be husband and wife. What she doesn't realize is that she's attempting to rape him. Suseri then revels that she's doing to be the next head and after hearing that, Shinichiro pushes her away saying that he wasn't his first time to be like this. When realizing that he has sworn loyalty to Sakuya, Suseri stops her plan but still hasn't given up on Shinichiro showing him that she has in fact fallen in love with him but before she could leave the room, she passes out on him.

The next day, Suseri learns that Sakuya destroyed the side of the house to see why Suseri put up a barrier around Shinichiro's room only to see her passed out on top of him. Sakuya recommends him sleeping in the shed, but Suseri offers her room since she was the cause of the house being ruined. Shinichiro then decides to sleep in the archery room. Nadeshiko interrupts the conversation to get Shinichiro because Nami wishes to meet with him alone. The next day, Shinichiro returns, and Suseri and Sakuya ask what Nami spoke to him about, but he ignored the question since he was too tired to even think about it. That night Suseri overhears his conversation with Sakuya and decides to let her have him just for that night and walks away.

Anime Plot Edit

Just like Sakuya, she is in the running to be the next head of the Shimazu family and tried to increase her chances of becoming the next head by stealing Shinichiro from Sakuya. She tried this by attempting to seduce him while he was taking a bath, but that ended in failure as the ending result was him being knocked unconscious. She considered this an opportunity, so with the help of her attendant Matsuri she kidnapped Shinichiro. Shinichiro was then outraged by the fact that Suseri went this far just to outdo Sakuya, but she offered to finish what they started if he became her personal servant. However, this conversation ended with a specter attacking the car nearly killing them. This was a trap made by a person wanting revenge on the Shimazu family.

Later on, Suseri and Mari transfer to the high school that Sakuya and Shinichiro were attending. When questioned why, she stated that she not only wanted Shinichiro on her side, but she was investigating a possible specter case occurring around the campus. In the end, it was nothing more than a golem possessed by a katana, which is the specter. Sakuya tried to wield the sword but ended up being possessed by it instead. This led to Suseri deciding to kill Sakuya, but Shinichiro stepped in the way preventing her attack. Shinichiro was almost killed but when the katana made contact with his mouth, he discovered its true name and wielded it himself. This attack was all because of the same person responsible for the attack on Shinichiro and Suseri.

A third specter attack this time was on the school itself resulting in the death of a few students. The final battle ended up in the Gym, but it was turned in favor of that person. A spider specter trapped the group in strong web. Sakuya and Shinichiro were on the verge of dying, but Shinichiro decided to intervene by kissing Sakuya giving her an immense amount of spiritual energy turning the battle in the group's favor. Unfortunately, it came at a cost, Shinichiro discovered that Sakuya's true name was Isuca making him her master.

A few days passed by, and the relationship between Shinichiro and Sakuya was distant because in the Shimazu family, if anybody outside the family discovers a family member's true name that person is exiled. Suseri considered this an opportunity, so she decided to talk to Shinichiro telling him the Sakuya was a lost cause and that he should work alongside her. He refused stating Sakuya wouldn't give up just because of the situation she's in. Suseri knew he would say that, and she understood clearly his resolve. Instead of continuing this conversation, she asked Shinichiro to take good care of Sakuya.

Another specter involving the subway occurs, and the specter this time was a smoke specter. This was also a trap, and the end result was Shinichiro nearly dying of suffocation. Sakuya performed CPR saving his life. During that time, Suseri goes off alone to find the specter specter but ended up meeting the one behind these traps. Suseri gets injured, but gets saved by Sakuya. It was then that this person decided to tell the group her name: Isuca.

A few days later, a meeting was being held at the Shimazu family. The current head decided that Sakuya will not be exiled. Suseri's mother disagreed stating that she must be exiled. Suseri, on the other hand, went along with the head's decision which only infuriated her mother telling her that she should not have anything to say on the matter due to the fact that she was also in the running to be the next head. Ignoring what her mother told her, Suseri asks the head to perform the ritual of exorcism.

The next day, Suseri encountered Shinichiro and asked him if she could tag along with him on his shopping trip. During that time, she began to develop romantic feelings for him. This built up her confidence, and she began the ritual of exorcism confronting the lightning beast. Unfortunately, her confidence wasn't enough, and she got injured in the process. After seeing her in pain, Shinichiro decided to help her. During the ritual, Suseri began to have flashbacks of her childhood. She got too distracted, and the lightning beast was ready to pounce. Shinichiro prevented this by stabbing it in the leg. In return, the lightning beast hit Shinichiro with a jolt of electricity knocking him to the ground. Suseri tries to heal him, but he told her to leave her healing spells for herself. He then gave her words of advice and then fell unconscious. Suseri started having thoughts about Sakuya using Shinichiro and herself wanting only his power. She gives her first kiss to him and she regains and increases her spiritual power. After replenishing her spiritual energy, Suseri regained her confidence and heard Shinichiro say Sakuya. Instead of getting upset, Suseri strengthened her composure, clearly showing that Shinichiro discovered her true name (Sakuya. Ironic, isn't it) without realizing it, and faced the lightning beast head-on. The lightning beast took note of her resolve and with a few words of negotiation, it swore loyalty to Suseri for the next three years. Shinichiro regains conscious and notices that the lightning beast has become tranquil. Suseri then asks him to give it a name, and he decide on the name Shiro.

Abilities Edit

Spirit Summoning Edit

  • Kamaitachi - a wind spirit that shoots wind projectiles as strong as swords strikes
  • Pomo - a Raiju she named Shiro that can wield lightning

Relationships Edit

Sakuya Shimazu Edit

Ever since they were kids, they've been rivals. Suseri has openly admitted to hating her for who she was to the point that she used dirty tactics to ruin her chance to be the next head. Later in the manga, it's revealed that Suseri doesn't hate Sakuya in the least bit. In fact, she's admitted to herself that she's admired her outgoing personality to the point that her true name is Sakuya.

Shinichiro Asano Edit

In the beginning, Suseri was never interested in Shinichiro as a person being only interested in his ability meaning she only wanting to use him as a tool. After fighting battles with him, she starts seeing him as a man to the point that she develops feelings for him. In fact, she even sacrifices her chances of being the next head by willingly given him her true name. Her feelings were so strong that when she realized that her mother tried to kill him, Suseri completely cut off ties with her. That night, she plotted with her attendant Matsuri in an attempt to rape Shinichiro so that they form a pledge together.

Nadeshiko Souma Edit

Suseri respects her as much as she does her grandmother. They share a strong teacher-student bond that Nadeshiko teaches her not only magic spells but also some inappropriate things especially things that involve seducing Shinichiro.

Matsuri Souma Edit

Suseri completely trusts Matsuri like she was her own sister. She even defends her on one occasion when Sakuya would not allow her to stay at her house.

Nami Shimazu Edit

Suseri is very loyal to her even though she doesn't agree with everything Nami tells her.

Sagiri Shimazu Edit

At first, Suseri was very close to her mother, but after meeting Shinichiro, she defies her on more than one occasion. When learning that her mother tried to kill Shinichiro, Suseri confronts her one day learning of her true intentions and cuts off ties with her once and for all.