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Shinichirō Asano

浅野 真一郎


Asano Shin'ichirō








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Sakuya Shimazu

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Keisuke Koumoto (Japanese)

Shinichirō Asano (浅野 真一郎 Asano Shin'ichirō) is the main protagonist of the series. He is a second-year high school student working a part time job with Sakuya Shimazu to hunt spirits.

Appearance Edit

Shinichiro has an average build for a high school. He has black eyes and hair. Normally, he wears his high school uniform, which is a white button-up long-sleeve shirt with a black tie, a blue jacket and black slacks.

Personality Edit

He's a kind-hearted guy that never turns his back on people that are suffering no matter the reason. There are times where he will be stubborn, but he makes up for it with his gentle nature. He easily gets flustered in perverted moments especially when those moments involve either Sakuya, Tamako or Suseri.

Plot Edit

Manga Plot Edit

In the beginning, Shinichiro just moved into an apartment with very little funds due to his parents traveling abroad to enhance their "magic skills." Unfortunately, they stopped sending him money and because of this, he decides to look for a job but needs to get a permit from his teacher. One morning, he bumps into a short blond-haired girl wearing the same school uniform as him. He was swayed at first but regained his senses when she (intentionally) stepped on his foot and runs off. His friend Ookubo reveals that she's Sakuya Shimazu, a second year just like them from Class 1. Ookubo continues on saying that she's from a rich family and that she's graceful and like a doll. It's to the point that she supposedly has a fan club.

Later on that day, Shinichiro meets up with his homeroom teacher Nadeshiko Soma for a permit which she agrees to as long as it doesn't disturb his studies. After learning that he likes to clean and cook, Nadeshiko offers him a recommendation about an acquaintance in need of someone who can take care of chores and food requiring that they clean their house, wash laundry and make food 2, 3 times a week. After school, he stops by the house and notices that the house plate read out SHIMAZU. He started thinking that it was the girl he bumped into earlier but was overthinking it and decided to walk in since the gate was unlocked.

After taking one step onto the lawn, he started to feel a sharp pain in his head wondering where it came from. He walks around the house hoping to find the owner but finds a cute red-haired girl in a thigh-length kimono asking him for help. Being the guy he is, he decides to help by moving a rock that has a seal on it only to hear a girl behind him scream revealing herself to be Sakuya. She yells at him for removing the seal, but it was too late because the aforementioned red-haired girl reveals herself to be a nekomata. It thanks Shinichiro for removing the seal and then escapes leading to Sakuya taking her anger out on him by kicking him and putting him in the sleeper hold accusing him of stalking her.

After settling down, Sakuya learns that he was sent by Nadeshiko, and he learns that she's two-faced leading to him wanting to leave. Unfortunately, that plan fails when Sakuya forces him to help her claiming that he has no sense of responsibility. She also reveals that her family has been hunting demons and spirits because they feed off the life force of humans. She also explains that her family has been doing this for generations and that she's the next head of her family. After detecting a barrier they enter it hoping to look for the nekomata that escaped, but the nekomata gets the upper hand by holding Shinichiro hostage. Instead of letting him die, Sakuya gives in leading to the nekomata thanking Shinichiro again only this time she kisses him. This leads to Shinichiro having memories that aren't his flash into his mind with the name Tama come out of his mouth. Curious, Shinichiro asks the then flustered nekomata if her name was Tama leading to Sakuya taking aim with her bow and arrow in order to seal her away, but Shinichiro stops her in time to save Tama. Since they know her True Name, Sakuya decides to spare her life. In return, Tama clings to Shinichiro calling him Master.

Back at Sakuya's house, Shinichiro argues with Sakuya about her house being so dirty, but she argues with him about bringing Tama into her home. Tama then argues with Sakuya claiming that Shinichiro is her Master, but Sakuya claims that she's Tama's master. Tama defies her enraging Sakuya to the point that she tries to seal her away, but Shinichiro stops the fighting with Tama asking Sakuya who said her True Name first. Sakuya then explains to Shinichiro that demons and spirits like Tama and even hunters like Sakuya use spiritual energy, but calling them by their normal names is no different than trying to have a normal conversation with them, so they possess another name called a True Name. When someone learns their True Name, that person gets to control them and to an extent can seal them away. Unfortunately, the catch is that whomever calls out said True Name first exclusively becomes the master. In laymen's terms, Tama's master is Shinichiro, not Sakuya. After the explanation, Tama clings to Shinichiro even more to the point that she acts like a pet cat would. After a while, Shinichiro then remembers that he was there for a part-time job, but learns that his employer is Sakuya. Fed up with Sakuya constantly jumping to conclusions, Shinichiro leaves refusing the job.

The next day, Shinichiro confronts Nadeshiko knowing fully well that she set him up. He tells her that he's refusing the job, but Nadeshiko tells him to tell Sakuya directly. He decides to confront her, but she threatened to kill him if he thought about refusing the job of being his decoy. With no other choice, he shows up at Sakuya's place with Tama (who he named Tamako), and the three begin their first mission together which happens to be a spirit in samurai armor. When it seemed like they defeated it, multiple samurai spirits show up. After retreating, it's revealed that those aren't spirits. They were actually golems, and the only way to defeat them is to defeat the host and to defeat is by erasing the E from the word "emeth" (which is hebrew for truth) located in the host's helmet so that it spells out "meth" (which is hebrew for death). Sakuya then gives Shinichiro a dagger, and they return to battlefield and this time defeats the golem with ease. Sakuya then picks up the katana the golem was wielding but her body ends up getting possessed by it and it tries to kill Shinichiro and Tamako. Shinichiro tries to hold her back, but the blade reaches his mouth and then memories of a samurai flashes through his mind revealing that the katana's True Name is Yashaou. Sakuya asked him how he managed to figure it out, and he explained how when the blade reached his mouth images popped into his head like what happened with Tamako.

A few days later, Shinichiro is cleaning up Sakuya's house and managed to clean up the entirety of the first floor. He then starts working on the second floor, but it was more cluttered than the first floor was. He thought to call Tamako for help but remembered that she was sent outside. He then notices a girl he doesn't know standing right behind him. He tried to turn around but ends up falling on top of her. She asks if he's Shinichiro Asano. He confirms but asked how she knew his name. She then puts a kitsune up to his face forcing it to kiss him leading to jumping off of her with the name Gonta blurting out of his mouth. Sakuya pops up wondering what the noise was revealing that the mysterious girl is her cousin Suseri Shimazu. After revealing who she is (which is kind of ironic that they're cousins, but Suseri calls Sakuya "Nee-sama."), Suseri asks Sakuya to give Shinichiro to her.

Later on, Nadeshiko explains that Shinichiro has The Eye of Truth. It's a rare magic skill that allows the user the ability to see other's True Name. There are different ways for one with the Eye of Truth to use it. For Shinichiro, it's mucosal contact or in other words, kissing. Suseri then asks her to hand over, but Sakuya immediately refuses. Nadeshiko then explains to Shinichiro that Sakuya and Suseri are competing to be the next head of the Shimazu family. Sakuya is the temporary head, but Suseri has more supporters leading to Nadeshiko asking Shinichiro who does he support being that he's now part of this conflict as well. Trying to avoid the question, he decides to take a shower. With too much to handle in his mind, Shinichiro tries to relax a bit, but is completely caught off guard when Suseri walks into the bath hoping to seduce him due to Nadeshiko's misinformation about him being into girls with big breasts. Tamako stops Suseri from seducing Shinichiro in hopes of bathing with him. Sakuya buts in and decides to fight Suseri, but it was ended with Shinichiro and Nadeshiko.

After that, Nadeshiko decided on a competition. Whomever catches Shinichiro before the end of the day will claim him for themselves which in return pisses off Shinichiro because he's being treated like a toy without him giving his opinion (sexist, ain't it?). As the competition goes on, Suseri argues with Sakuya on how she's treating Shinichiro horribly. Shinichiro opens up on how she's been treating him, but he admits that he's not gonna leave her alone because of how she's living alone. Suseri retorts by pushing Sakuya towards Shinichiro admitting her defeat while at the same time forcing Sakuya to kiss him making him learn her True Name which is Isuca. Shinichiro is now Sakuya's master because of Suseri's dirty tactics.

Ever since that day, Sakuya avoids Shinichiro, and Shinichiro starts to feel some sort of regret towards, so he goes to Nadeshiko to fully understand the situation. She tells him that it's a matter of time before the main household learns of what occurred, so she told Suseri to remain quiet. After school, Shinichiro tells Sakuya to be herself and not listen to everything he tells her to do. Sakuya then asks him to form a pledge with her. That night, Sakuya invites Shinichiro over to her house so that things can be settled. He learns that whomever in the Shimazu household has their True Name discovered will be banished from the family, so in order for Sakuya to prevent that from happening, she must agree to marrying Shinichiro leading to Nadeshiko that she's moved all of Shinichiro's belongings into Sakuya's house so that they give off the impression of a newlywed.

A few days have passed since Shinichiro, Sakuya and Tamako started living together, but things startedgoing downhill when Tamako starts feeling ill. Shinichiro begins to worry, but it's then revealed that Tamako is running low in life energy. Shinichiro offers his life energy, but Sakuya advises against because if he keeps that up he will die in the process. Nadeshiko tells them to head off to school, but Shinichiro refuses, and decides to stay with Tamako. Later that day, Nadeshiko tells Sakuya and Shinichiro that another way that Tamako can refill her life energy is by eating another demon, so Shinichiro and Sakuya head to find a demon in which they do but realize that it's a rat demon. Sakuya's fear of mice and rats gets the better as she passes out. The rat demon diverts his attention to Shinichiro but is stopped by Tamako. Unfortunately, due to her lack of life energy, Tamako is completely overpowered leaving Shinichiro with no choice. He then tells Tamako to take some of his life force. Being ordered to, Tamako obliges and kisses him on the spot leading to Shinichiro passing out due to his life force being drained so drastically. Shinichiro then wakes up only to learn that Tamako has defeated the rat demon (which should have been easy for her but I digress). That night, Shinichiro learns that his life force has been completely regenerated which would take the average person several months to do probably because he has the Eye of Truth. Due to this fact, Shinichiro can now restore Tamako's life energy whenever and wherever.

As the days passed by, Shinichiro, Sakuya and Tamako has been living a quiet life. One day, Shinichiro is picking out all the weeds in the garden while Sakuya is out with her friends. After finishing, Suseri shows up in hopes of learning about the outside world. Shinichiro then learns that Suseri has lived a sheltered life because of her mother, so Nadeshiko tells Shinichiro to take her out on a date. An hour has passed since Shinichiro and Suseri left the house, and has ruined her dress. They stop by a clothes shop so that Suseri changes her clothes but nearly bumps into Sakuya and her friends, so Suseri decides to hide Shinichiro in the dressing room with her. They overhear Sakuya speaking with some other girls, and Suseri wonders who she was speaking to with Shinichiro remembering that she doesn't have any friends. They return home, and Suseri leaves in hopes of spending more time with Shinichiro. Sakuya then returns wanting food but confronts Shinichiro with a thank you gift in the form of a pair of socks.

One day, Nadeshiko gets a phone call saying that a demon has appeared and that Suseri has been injured, so she sends Shinichiro, Sakuya and Tamako off. Fortunately, Shinichiro obtains a weapon when Nadeshiko gives him Yashaou, the katana that he tamed a while back. They head off to the demon's location which is their school only to first see some of Suseri's attendants on ground with their life energy drained. They reached the snake demon and commence their battle, but they start off with Tamako being poisoned. Suseri then returns even though she's still injured, and Sakuya challenges her to a competition to see who can defeat it first. Shinichiro steps in but gets injured protecting Suseri which makes Suseri see him as a man instead of a tool. To put an end to Sakuya and Suseri's bickering, Shinichiro tells them to work. Suseri agrees to it, but Sakuya is against it leading to Shinichiro ordering her to do it since he's her master. During the mean time, Suseri ordered her assistant Matsuri Soma to heal Shinichiro and Tamako's wounds. After working together, Sakuya and Suseri defeat the snake demon, but it resulted in Sakuya feeling week due to her using up most of her spiritual energy.

Three days later, Shinichiro and Sakuya receive a message from Nadeshiko about going to Kamakura to meet with the family head about their "marriage" and about the snake demon they defeated three days ago with Suseri. Sakuya then pulls Shinichiro asking him to help practice faking their relationship by starting with kissing, but Tamako gets involved by kissing Shinichiro before Sakuya has a chance. Shinichiro decides to put the practice on hold before it gets out of hand decides to take a bath. Before he has a chance to relax, Shinichiro comes across Sakuya completely naked, and she jumps on top of him in an attempt to kiss him. Shinichiro manages to escape but bumps into her again except fully clothed. They then learn that this was all Nadeshiko's doing since she made a golem that looks exactly like Sakuya, but Sakuya gets enraged saying that that's not you're suppose to practice.

As the time passed, Nadeshiko tries multiple ways to help Shinichiro remember his Mana, but nothing was working. Sakuya steps in and takes Shinichiro out of the house so that they can go on a date. During their time together, Sakuya reveals that her family may give Shinichiro the cold shoulder because they hate western magic. She also revealed that her father was a western mage and that he managed to gain access to the Shimazu family because her grandmother approved of his engagement to Sakuya's mother. Since the family couldn't go against the family head, they had no choice but to accept, but it stop them from insulting her father behind his back. It all came to an end eight years ago when Sakuya's parents passed away from fighting a demon. Sakuya then revealed that the reason why she wants to be the next head is to find out the truth of what happened eight years ago while at the same time put down those who have insulted er and her father. Embarrassed that she opened up to Shinichiro, Sakuya storms off leaving Shinichiro alone. While left alone, Shinichiro encounters a mage wanting to meet him asking him to become her toy with his Eye of Truth. She then bites him on the neck injecting something inside of him. Sakuya comes back to stop her but she escapes revealing her name to be Isuca. 

The next day, Shinichiro and Sakuya travel to Kamakura and meet another one of Sakuya's cousins Asahiko. He glares at Shinichiro as if he wants to kill him and then walks off leading them back. After reaching the Shimazu family household, Shinichiro decides to use the restroom. He overhears people insulting him and then meets a little girl playing a handheld game. She then asks him to help her with the game, but Shinichiro fails miserably. The little girl does admit that she sees what kind of person Shinichiro is after playing the game. Shinichiro then meets up with Sakuya after using the restroom and go into a meeting room where Suseri and her mother are already there. Nadeshiko opens the door letting the room know that the family head is en route. A moment later, the same little girl Shinichiro met walks in revealing herself to be Sakuya's grandmother and the family head named Nami Shimazu.

Nami then decides to talk to Shinichiro personally, but Suseri's mother, named Sagiri, goes against. Nami immediately shuts her down and walks out with Shinichiro. She reveals that she knows that the engagement was a ruse to hide that Sakuya doesn't know Shinichiro's Mana. She then asks Shinichiro to look after Sakuya showing him that she trusts him wholeheartedly. Shinichiro starts feeling pain in his left shoulder (the same are where he was bitten by Isuca), and out of it comes a barrier breaker. Moments later, Isuca shows up wanting to kill Nami, but it's revealed that Nami is just a puppet. Sakuya and Suseri show up and tell Shinichiro to take Nami's puppet to Nadeshiko so that she can fix it up. Shinichiro wants to help, but Nadeshiko goes against it since he's just s guest and has no combat experience. Fortunately, Shinichiro does not change his mind in the least, so Nadeshiko gives him his katana Yashaou. Shinichiro returns to the battle field and orders Yashaou to control his body to fight, and the sword obliges completely possessing Shinichiro. Shinichiro quickly overpowers Isuca but manages to stop the sword before it could kill her. Completely enraged, Isuca attacks Shinichiro in an attempt to kill him, but her body starts falling apart. Nami's puppet shows up fully restored by Nadeshiko to stop Isuca but before she gives the finishing blow, another mage shows up to take Isuca back. Sakuya tries to stop him, but he shows his ring and she hesitates believing that man may be her father.

That night, Shinichiro and Sakuya stay the night at the family household but before they could get some sleep, Nadeshiko tells that Nami wants to meet them in the bath. Embarrassed, Sakuya wants to meet another time, but Nami still continues. Shinichiro decides to leave but before he has the chance, Suseri shows up in front of him completely naked. One hi-jinx leads to another resulting in everyone leaving the bath. Afterwards, Nami finally reveals to Shinichiro the truth of the situation. The ones who attacked the Shimazu household were members of the Asahina Family and that Sakuya's father was a member before his death. She also reveals that they don't know whether or not Sakuya's father is still alive or not, but they do know that this was an attack by the Asahina's. It's also revealed that Isuca not only works with them, she's a homunculus created by them. Nami then asks Shinichiro if he intends to stay by Sakuya's side knowing all of this, and he says yes.

Shinchiro takes some time think about everything he learned and encounters Sakuya practicing her archery. Sakuya tries to tell him to leave and get out of the situation since he's still an outsider, but Shinichiro refuses claiming that he's no longer an outsider now that he's her master. He then asks her is there a possibility that that man may try to manipulate her. Sakuya slaps him claiming that he knows nothing about her parents. After returning home, Nadeshiko talks to Shinichiro telling him that the man they encountered may actually be Sakuya's father (whose name is Tokiharu by the way) and if so may end up becoming an enemy later on. They both know that if this is all true then Sakuya would not be able to handle it. That night, Shinichiro and Sakuya go off to fight a spirit, but the spirit reveals itself to be a carbon copy of Sakuya but to Sakuya, she sees her parents. Shinichiro tries to stop it but gets knocked out of the way. He steps in again and knocks some sense into Sakuya and then kisses the spirit which was revealed to be a mirror spirit. He then tells Sakuya its true name being Kousuisen leading to Sakuya sealing it away. Shinichiro finally gets the chance to talk to her, and Sakuya cries in his arms.

A few days have passed, and Sakuya is back to her old self. One day after returning from school, Shinichiro and Sakuya see Nadeshiko walking in with an injured Suseri. It's then revealed that Suseri was in the middle of what's called the Ritual of Exorcism, and that she must perform it by herself. Suseri tries to leave, but Shinichiro steps in telling her to get some. Sagiri shows up to take Suseri back, but Shinichiro again steps in telling her that he's not gonna stand by and watch suffer like this. Shinichiro then decides to help Suseri in the ritual since the rules of the ritual doesn't apply to him and that he's determined to help her.

The next day, Shinichiro and Suseri meet with Nami to see if Shinichiro can help her with the Ritual of Exorcism, and Nami accepts even though it will be difficult for the beast to yield. Suseri understands, and Nami makes it official. Later on, Shinichiro and Suseri show up at the area of the Ritual with Sagiri complaining that Shinichiro has no right to but. Unfortunately for her, Nami tells her that she approved of him helping out and that she has no say in this matter. With no other choice, Sagiri walks away glaring at Shinichiro. With no other hindrances, Sakuya gives Shinichiro his sword, and he heads off with Suseri.

During their walk, Suseri informs Shinichiro that they're facing a thunder beast called a Raiju. She then asks Shinichiro about his relationship with Sakuya where Shinichiro admitted that it started when he first met at school when Nadeshiko introduced each other because he needed a job. He also admits that She's two-faced. Suseri admits how she was lazy, rude and had unrefined speech. However, she admitted that she's admired her because of how she enjoyed herself. After reaching the spiritual barrier, they begin the Ritual of Exorcism. They have a difficult, but Shinichiro manages to injure the Raiju. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to slow the Raiju as it swats Shinichiro away with ease greatly wounding Shinichiro. Suseri tries to heal him, but he tells her to save it for herself and falls unconscious. While passed out, Shinichiro sees supposedly the memories of Suseri seeing how herself her mother was constantly strict towards her and she also learns that Suseri doesn't actually hate Sakuya and that her true name is "Sakuya." Shinichiro wakes up to learn that Suseri has tamed the Raiju. She asks him what was its true name, and he says it's Pomo.

After a few days, Shinichiro and Sakuya return to school only to learn that Sagiri and Nami have allowed Suseri to attend the same school they're attending. During school, Shinichiro encounters Suseri, she asks him to show her around school. Sakuya interrupts them telling her to reveal that they hunt demons and spirits, and that they're cousins. Unintentionally, Suseri already admitted that they were cousins leading to Sakuya complaining that her reputation is gonna be ruined revealing that what Shinichiro said about her being two-faced to be true. Wanting to see Suseri make some friends, Shinichiro invites her to come back home in an attempt for her to get along with Tamako. Tamako is against the idea and tries to fight Suseri leading to one hi-jinx after another. Shinichiro gets angry and yells for them to stop and without hesitation they stop. Sakuya wonders how you manage to stop Suseri and get her to befriend Tamako leading to her accusing him of learning Suseri's true name. Shinichiro refutes by saying how would he know that, but the name "Sakuya" pops into his head and he looks at Suseri realizing that he's unintentionally become Suseri's master.

The next day, Sakuya falls sick, so Shinichiro and Nadeshiko advises her to stay in bed. Nadeshiko then tells Shinichiro that Sakuya has some unknown disease, but from the looks of it, she just has a cold. After Nadeshiko leaves, Shinichiro looks after Sakuya, but due to some "difficulties," he couldn't much. That's when Suseri and Matsuri come in and help Sakuya in Shinichiro's place. That night, Shinichiro, Nadeshiko and Tamako head out to seal away about 10 barriers in Yokohama. He and Tamako goes to the one closest to the house, but Sakuya still gets involved knowing that her father is around. Sakuya then asked Nadeshiko where one of the barriers are, but Nadeshiko refused to tell leading to Sakuya finding them on her own. They managed to find the biggest where they see Nami fighting the mage that help Isuca escape (he goes by the name Ildana). Refusing to follow Nami's order of retreating, Sakuya shoots her top prevent her from killing Ildana whom Sakuya is convinced is her father. Nami then tells Shinichiro to destroy the demon located in the barrier which he obliges by destroying it with one slash of Yashaou.

The next day, Shinichiro tries to talk to Sakuya, but she avoids him by feigning the illness she had the day before. That was until Nami barges in letting them know that the Asahina family is plotting something, so she decided that they will be training on an island called Kasumi Island. First day on the island, Nami tells them to enjoy themselves, but Sakuya stays to herself instead. After that, they began training. Shinichiro focused his time training his stamina with a sword. While taking a break, Tamako shows up and drains him of his life energy leading to Shinichiro passing out. He then wakes up with Sakuya kissing him wondering what happened and how can he stop Sakuya and Suseri from fighting. That's when a dark-skinned woman busty shows up and strips Sakuya and Suseri naked. She then clings to Shinichiro revealing that she's Yashaou, his katana.

After the training days, Shinichiro learns that Suseri has moved in with him and Sakuya in an attempt to not only become the next head but to win Shinichiro over as well. Nadeshiko then explains that ever since the incident with Ildana, it makes more sense to have Suseri around just in case something happens. Shinichiro starts to wonder what will happen now that Suseri's here leading to him thinking that he should stay on the sidelines. After cleaning, Shinichiro takes a bath, but he's caught off guard when he sees Yashaou in her human form completely naked in the bath. Yashaou tries to seduce him in an attempt to teach him the mindset of a woman, but it was cut short when Tamako interrupts. Sakuya and Suseri get involved, but it leads from one hi-jinx to another. After some time, Suseri settles in and helps out Shinichiro with cleaning to the point that they get along just fine. One day, Suseri helps Shinichiro with the shopping. 

When it seemed like things have settled down, Suseri's mother Sagiri shows up to bring Suseri back to the Shimazu household, but Shinichiro steps in like always resulting to Sagiri summoning her spirit Domeki to knock him out of the way. Suseri then fights back by kissing Shinichiro and summoning Shiro (the thunder beast she tamed in the Ritual of Exorcism) defeating Domeki with ease. Suseri then admits that she has given her true name to Shinichiro and that she's fallen in love with him. Sagiri with no choice walks away blaming Shinichiro for putting the family in turmoil. 

After that day, Shinichiro and the gang fight off a group of spirits only to learn that they were being controlled by one stronger spirit. It manages to control Tamako when Tamako hears its voice, so Yashaou devises a plan that acquires Shinichiro to get closer and learn its true name. As the plan seems to have succeeded, Shinichiro tries to tell Sakuya and Suseri its surname, but they use their most powerful techniques to defeat it. After that mission was cleared, Nami summons them to the household letting them know of her choice. When one figures out Shinichiro's true name and becomes his master will be the next head while the other will be expelled. Unfortunately, Nami refuses to hear Shinichiro's opinion on the matter and says that if he refuses, both will be expelled and Asahiko will be the next head.

After that day, Shinichiro spends some time alone watering the garden and thinking about what happened, whether or not he can make a decision, and why he was "gifted" with the Eye of Truth. Sakuya interrupts his thinking with a cold soda on the back of his neck. She talks to him telling him to just decline Nami's unreasonable offer or if you learn your true name order her and Suseri to never say it out loud. Shinichiro knows that means that they both will be expelled, but Sakuya doesn't care since she's only interested in knowing the truth about what happened 8 years ago but doesn't know how Suseri feels. Suseri walks in the conversation saying she wants to respect Shinichiro's wishes. She also admits that she still wants to be the next head but if it's a burden for Shinichiro then she wants to bare his child. Shinichiro tells her that she's completely misunderstood the situation and accidentally knocks over the water hose soaking Sakuya. They start soaking each other having some fun letting loose.

The fun that they had didn't last long because Shinichiro becomes ill. Sakuya, Suseri and Tamako try to take over Shinichiro's cleaning and cooking but don't know much on what they should do leading to Shinichiro getting involved like always. After cleaning and a bath that leads to on hi-jinx and another, Shinichiro finally settles down to get some rest while the others go off to fight a spirit. After leaving, a barrier was put up around the house, so Shinichiro sees who put it up thinking that it was someone from the Asahina. Fortunately, it wasn't an Asahina that set up the barrier but unfortunately, it was Suseri's mother Sagiri revealing that she's here to kill him.

Knowing what Shinichiro is capable of, she quickly overpowers him as she summons Domeki to crush him. She then finally reveals why she's so obsessed with wanting to control Suseri. Years prior to the events of the story, Sagiri and her sister Kaya were competing to be the next head. Sagiri goes through the Ritual of Exorcism but fails leading not only her with a serious injury to her face but also losing the chance to be the next head. Shinichiro is enraged over her true intentions claiming that she doesn't love her daughter and is only out for herself. This enrages Sagiri saying that he's an outsider that would never understand. Before she ordered Domeki to squeeze the life of Shinichiro, Isuca breaks the barrier and tries to kill Sagiri but fails in the process. Seeing Shinichiro on the verge of death, she asks him if he wants her to help him. He faintly nods, and she takes him to the Asahina household.

The next day, Shinichiro wakes up in a giant tube filled with an unknown liquid that heals wounds. He sees Isuca and Ildana realizing that he's in the Asahina household. After finally healing his wounds, Isuca takes him outside letting him know that she won't let anyone within the family to harm him in any way. She then asks him to become hers promising that she will treat better than how Sakuya treats him. Remembering his promise to Sakuya, Shinichiro politely declines, and Isuca resorts to trying to seduce him accusing him of liking someone as "small" as Sakuya. Her plan of seduction is interrupted when a little girl pops up and tries to kill Shinichiro for being a pervert. Isuca immediately steps completely negating her attack. She then introduces Shinichiro to the girl (whose name is Lilia) as the man that who wields the Eye of Truth and then forces him to kiss her. After pulling away, Isuca puts her hand over Shinichiro's mouth claiming that now she has her true name in the palm of her hand. Lilia runs away, and Shinichiro is annoyed that he was being used as a toy. Isuca then falls to the ground after using up most of her spiritual energy she then kisses Shinichiro so that her energy is refilled. Shinichiro then sees her memories seeing what looks to be Sakuya's mother being killed by Nami. He then realizes that Isuca is trying to possess him, so he pushes her away. Ildana then shows up and sends Isuca off so that he could talk to Shinichiro.

Ildana explains that Isuca's life span won't last after 10 years so even if he refills her energy she will still die after 10 years. With the man being the one behind the recent attacks on the Shimazu family in front of him, Shinichiro asks him straight up if he's Sakuya's father and  what's his connection to Isuca. Completely avoiding his questions, Ildana tells him about an orb that the Asahina had for over a hundred years and how they've tried to recreate it but failed to do so. Nowadays, Nami has possession over it, and Ildana wants to obtain that orb. Shinichiro asks what he plans to do with it and if Isuca has any to do with it. Ildana then admits to wanting to provide Isuca with a human body. After their conversation, Ildana takes Shinichiro to the intruders revealed to e Sakuya and Tamako. After reuniting, Ildana shoes them a way out without running into trouble. They run into Isuca, and she kisses Shinichiro one ast time before telling Sakuya that she will take Shinchiro away from her but won't do it out of consideration for Ildana.

After returning home, Sakuya begins to question him on why he was at the Asahina household admitting that she was worried that night he disappeared. She then decides to comfort him by letting him lie down on her lap. The next day, Nadeshiko talks to him letting him know that Suseri knows that it was mother who attacked him and that she needs to break away from her mother of her own free will. She also tells that he needs to focus on preparing to become the family head. Shinichiro is still hesitant on going through, and Nadeshiko tells him that if it's possibe to go against the family head, Shinichiro could leave. They then talk about how the Asahina household has taken interest in Shinichiro, Isuca in particular. Nadeshiko believes that either he was caught in a trap or they were using kidnapping as a reason to tell him something leading to her telling him that he needs to tell Sakuya the truth. Sakuya then takes Shinichiro out on a date so that he could finally talk to her about what happened that night. After walking, Shinichiro finally admits that Sagiri was behind the attack on the house in an attempt to kill him, but Isuca got involved and kidnapped him so that he doesn't die. He even admits to Nami having an orb that Ildana wants to use give Isuca a human body.

After some time, Shinichiro, Sakuya and Tamako go to hunt down some spirits, and Suseri gets involved later on. She then tells the gang that she's completely cut off ties with her mother. That night, Matsuri helps Shinichiro with cooking even providing Tamako with her portion. Sakuya finishes her food and leaves the dining room. Matsuri feels devastated, but Shinichiro assures her that she'll go back to her old self in no time. Matsuri then poors Shinichiro a cup of tea before he heads off to bed. Later that night, Shinichiro wakes up to see Suseri on top of him completely naked in an attempt to seduce him. He tries to move but then learns that the tea Matsuri gave was spiked with sleep-inducing drugs that helps with recovery but a side effect is that after a few hours it paralyzes the body. Simply put, Suseri is unintentionally attempting to rape Shinichiro in order for him to make a pledge to her so that she becomes the next head. After hearing that, Shinichiro manages to fight the drug's side effects and pushes Suseri away. He makes it clear to her that he doesn't want his first time be like this. Suseri then admits that even without the conflict they're in right now, Suseri would've done the same thing. In the end, she finally admits to Shinichiro that she's in love with him before passing out in his arms.

The next day, Nadeshiko asks Shinichiro out on a date revealing that he's been summoned by Nami. After playing a game with him, Nami then gives Shinichiro a bag that contains the orb that Ildana wants entrusting it to him. The reason why she's entrusting it to Shinichiro is for him to seal it away. She also admits to him that the original owner was the first head of the Asahina family who also had the Eye of Truth. Shinichiro then asks how to use and in return Nami kisses him. He then begins to see the events of what happened 8 years prior to the story showing Nami and Sakuya's parents Tokiharu and Kaya battle what seems to be one of the older heads of the Asahina family leading to Kaya supposedly sacrificing herself to close the Gate causing it to collapse. Nami then pushes away to prevent Shinichiro from learning her true name. She then tells Shinichiro that there will be a Full Moon like 8 years ago, and the Asahinas will capitalize on it. She then asks Shinichiro if he's willing to help her put an end to their plans.

Shinichiro returns home feeling exhausted, so he went straight to bed. Sakuya shows up to talk to him, and he shows her the orb that's the source of Nami's powers and what the Asahinas plan to do. They decide to prepare themselves for that day even though Shinichiro still doubts himself.

Anime Plot Edit

Shinichiro had been living on his own from the beginning because of his parents going to Europe to do training. He was struggling to find a job because of the rent he had to pay until one night when he nearly died. He encountered what seemed like a prostitute but turned out to be a demon in disguise. Before she could suck the life force out of him, his life was saved by a mysterious girl standing in the moonlight as she shot two arrows into the demon killing it instantly.

The next day, he began to wonder what happened to him and who that girl was until he accidently bumped into a mysterious girl. As the school day flew by, he noticed that school was as quiet as a ghost town until he heard a scream. He runs toward that scream and sees Kanae and Fuzuki on the ground looking at a fatally injured student. Suddenly, they see a wolf-like creature in the shadows. It then turned its back on them when realizing it was being targeted. Shinichiro takes off telling the two girls to take the injured on to a hospital.

As he makes it outside the school, he encounters a girl in a pink kimono pinned to a tree by an arrow. He tries to pull it out but gets shocked as a result. He endures it until it was pulled out. He then sees the girl he bumped into earlier with a bow in her hand. She then takes aim at the girl, but Shinichiro steps in the way claiming that she's just a girl. He looks behind him and notices that the girl turned into a giant two-tailed firecat. As she escaped, that girl takes her anger out on Shinichiro for letting the firecat escape. She then tells him that she was the one who saved him the night before and about who she is and what she does. She is Sakuya Shimazu, the 37th head of the Shimazu family clan of Specter hunters.

As the clouds began to pick and lightning began to strike, the wolf-like creature that appeared earlier shows up behind Shinichiro but before it could attack, Sakuya shoots it with an arrow causing it to jump out the window of the school. They encounter the firecat in her human form, but began to realize that she wasn't the one attacking the students due to the fact that the injury on her left arm had claw marks instead of the mark of the arrow Sakuya shot. Suddenly, lightning strikes right behind them and out comes the wolf-like creature. It turns out that it is a lightning beast, a specter that can control lightning.

The battle commences with it shooting lightning at Sakuya exposing her underwear. Sakuya gets irritated and shoots a spell-sharmed arrow at the lightning beast hitting it straight in the head. Unfortunately, it had no affect on it as it just shrugged it off. It then absorbs electricity around him and shoots a strong jolt of electricity in Sakuya's direction, but Shinichiro saves her in time even though it ended with her sitting on his face. The firecat girl attempts to attack but gets knocked back by lightning while another one hits Sakuya ripping her clothes apart. She then shoots her two arrows charmed by two spells: Tsumugare and Murasame, but they were easily deflected. The impact of the that lightning strike ripped all her clothes into shreds leaving her with nothing but her underwear, socks and shoes on. She then gets trapped in a lightning barrier while getting her life force sucked out in exchange for the ultimate pleasure. Shinichiro attacks the lightning causing the barrier to fall apart. This only angered the lightning beast even more knocking Shinichiro back with a jolt of electricity.

As the beast walked towards Sakuya and Shinichiro, Sakuya begins trembling in fear until they were saved by the firecat girl talking the lightning beast in her fire-cat form claiming that she's returning the favor for Shinichiro saving- her earlier. The lightning beast shoots lightning at them causing Shinichiro to accidently kiss Sakuya. Sakuya in return slaps him but starts feeling an enormous amount of spiritual energy growing inside of her. Shinichiro lends her his jacket. She then puts her hair in a ponytail and shoots an arrow charmed with her strongest spell: Fubakari. This eventually seals the lightning beast away temporarily. She couldn't permanently seal it away because she didn't know the lightning beast's True Name.

Shinichiro then thanks the fire-cat girl for saving them, but Sakuya only aims her arrow at her. Shinichiro steps in the way, but that leads to the fire-cat girl holding him hostage. This leaves Sakuya with no choice but to drop her bow and arrow. She then thanks Shinichiro again by kissing him which made Shinichiro see visions and suddenly says the name Tama which turned out to be the fire-cat girl's True Name. Sakuya then took this opportunity to try and seal her away. Tama began to tremble in fear which in return made Shinichiro convince Sakuya to stop due to the fact she didn't look threatening. Sakuya in return spare Tama's life causing her to thank Shinichiro, cling to him and call him "Master."

That night, Shinichiro stops by Sakuya's house and sees the school nurse there. She then explains to Shinichiro the purpose behind the Simazu family. She then tells Sakuya to hire him as a servant at, but Sakuya was against hiring him. Shinichiro then starts cleaning up her living room with Tama's help.

The next morning, Shinichiro is fatigued due to cleaning up the night before, but he was relieved that he finally found a job. The two girls from yesterday, Kanae and Fuzuki, stop by his class, thanks him for yesterday and lets him know that the injured girl was gonna make a quick and full recovery. Kanae then compliments him saying that she sees him in a new light and also that he's manly. One of his classmates then gets jealous and claims that he's tired probably because he was "servicing" the girls which leads to a misunderstanding. Sakuya then walks in with a smile on her face kindly saying good morning to Kanae and Fuzuki. She then tells Shinichiro to come with her leading the others to believe that they know each other.

Shinichiro then realizes that she was putting on a poker face to deceive her classmates on her true personality. A magical barrier is then put up because there was another specter somewhere on the school grounds. They stop by the nurse's office and right when they entered, Tama instantly clings to Shinichiro. Sakuya tells her to go home, but Tama wouldn't listen telling her that she wasn't the one who said her true name first. Shinichiro is confused by this, so the school nurse explains to him that specters like Tama and mystics like Sakuya have a name separate to the one they normally use, hence their true name. When one discovers their true name, they fall under that person's control with acceptable limits. That would make one think that Sakuya is now Tama's master. Unfortunately, no. The catch is that the first person who says their true name gets to exclusively command them. This means that Tama's master is actually Shinichiro. The school nurse then asked him how did he figure out her true name, but Shinichiro had no idea how. This then led the school nurse to seductively ask him if he wanted to do some research her. Shinichiro becomes flustered, but gets slapped by Sakuya as she tells him to order Tama to go home. He didn't see a problem with her being here since the school nurse was here as well. This led to Tama clinging to him again and calling him master. Shinichiro then tells her to call him by his name instead of calling him. She quickly obliged and licked like any normal cat would do to there master which caused Shinichiro to become flustered again. The conversation ended with a scream which led the group to run towards its location.

They wound up in the girl's locker room and notice that the girls were getting their life force sucked away by a group of rats. Sakuya began to tremble because she was scared of mice and rats (stereotypical, isn't it). Tama then chases these rats outside, and Shinichiro and Sakuya follow behind her leaving the school nurse to take care of the injured girls. Shinichiro and Sakuya then noticed that Tama was on the verge of dying because she needed the life force of anything in order to survive. Shinichiro then offered his life force, but that would only kill him, so they came to the idea that they had to find the leader of these rats and have Tama devour it in order to not only save her life but put an end to these string of events.

The battle then led them underground to the leader. As Sakuya was preparing to attack, a rat jumps on her face, and she faints due to her fear. The rats then turned their attention to Shinichiro, but Tama jumps knowing that she was dying. The horde then attacks Tama draining her on some of her life force, and they fused with the leader causing them to turn into their original form. Shinichiro then orders her to take his life force. Obliging by his order, she kisses him causing his life force to quickly drain leaving him uncoscious. Tama not only regains her life force gains an exponential increase in spiritual power, and she quickly defeated the leader. Shinichiro then wakes up a moment to see that the battle was finally over.

After a few tests, it was concluded that Shinichiro gave Tama enough life force to completely rejuvenate her, yet his life force has almost fully recovered. This means that Shinichiro has an abundance of spiritual energy inside of him making him a valuable asset to exorcists and mystics like Sakuya. That night, Tama asked Shinichiro if he could give her a name to go by instead of her true name. He then calls her Tamako, and she happily accepted it.

The next day, Shinichiro cleans the entire house. The school nurse comes in telling Sakuya that Shinichiro will be moving in due to the fact that he's working there and that he will be supporting Sakuya from now on. This led to Shinichiro's confusion and Sakuya's opposition.

The next day, another specter attacks a student. As Sakuya was preparing her attack, the specter used that student as a shield to prevent her from attacking. Suddenly, A gust of wind shows up and kills the specter while at the same time injuring the student. Sakuya knew right then and there the person responsible for that attack, Suseri Shimazu. They get into an argument on why she injured the student. Suseri claimed that an occasional sacrifice was natural in this line of work.

That evening, Suseri introduced herself as Sakuya's little sister, but she was actually Sakuya's cousin who was competing with her to be the next head. She was already aware of who Shinichiro was before he could even introduce himself, and Shinichiro wondered how. She then explained that she was here to help Sakuya, and Sakuya quickly rejected her help. Suseri also explained that she was there to take Shinichiro under her wing which Sakuya quickly rejected because she hired him and that she's the head of the family (temporarily). The school nurse then asked Shinichiro who would he choose to serve, Sakuya or Suseri. Bothered by the question, Shinichiro walked away and decided to take a bath.

Shinichiro knew fully well that he couldn't make a choice. During his bath, Suseri pops up and decides to wash his back but instead of the normal way, she uses her breasts instead. Unable to cope under the pressure, Shinichiro slips and is knocked unconscious. He then wakes up to realize that Suseri has kidnapped him. She then explains to him that she only wanted him for his power and that she wanted him to beat Sakuya. Shinichiro did not tolerate the fact hat she tried to seduce him and that she wants to use him as just a tool. She offered to finish what she started if that's what he wanted.

This conversation was cut short when they realize that the road was empty. They were then captured by an unknown fog causing them to go into another dimension. A car then passes by and they notice that there was no driver meaning that the car itself was a specter. Suseri's driver uses a 12-guage shotgun with spell-charmed bullets to quickly destroy it. After it was destroyed, a multitude of car specters show up, but the driver quickly destroys them too. Afterwards, a red car shows up with the driver struggling and begging for help. The car then sucked his life force away killing him instantly. The car then comes to life and attacks. It's revealed that the car is a gloom car, a very strong car specter.

The gloom car grabs hold of Suseri's driver, but Suseri stops it by using her Spirit Summoning Technique: Kamaitachi. Unfortunately, the gloom car quickly recovers and devours Suseri's driver. Suseri then tells Shinichiro to kiss her to increase spiritual energy, but he refuses feeling that if he did, he'd be betraying Sakuya. Suseri then tells him to kiss her or else he'll die, but that ended with Sakuya interfering and defeating gloom car. It then creates a flame to spread around them causing them to get inside the car. The gloom car gets back up and starts eating the car they were in. Suseri tells Shinichiro to kiss her, but he couldn't move in the position he was in. As a matter of fact the only person he could kiss at that moment was Sakuya. The car began to collapse which led to Shinichiro kissing Sakuya again. This time he started seeing visions on what looked like Sakuya's past. Sakuya then used her Bow Spirit Technique: Murasame and quickly defeated the gloom car for good. Suseri then asked Sakuya if she wanted to give Shinichiro to her, and Sakuya responded no. Suseri understood knowing that if she did take him, he'd run away and return to Sakuya, so she decided to depart.

A few days have passed by since that incident, and Shinichiro and Sakuya notice a familiar car in front of the school. It turns out that it was Suseri and her assistant Mari Souma. When asked by Sakuya why she started to attending this school, Suseri gave two reasons: she wanted to win over Shinichiro and that she was investigating another possible specter case. She also informed them that the gloom car had traces of a magic circle meaning that the gloom car was summoned by someone. Suseri then accuses Sakuya of the magic circle claiming that if someone's using magical circles, they would be a Western Mage. This infuriated Sakuya to the point that she slapped Suseri without hesitation.

Aware of her upset mood, Shinichiro asked Sakuya what Suseri meant by this, but she dodged the question claiming that it had nothing to do with him. Feeling sorry for her, he asked her what she wanted for dinner, and she wanted Irish stew which was a dish Shinichiro has never made before, but that led to her complaining like a little kid wanting candy.

Later on, Shinichiro and Sakuya began to notice that a barrier was put up around the school and a park nearby. It was then revealed that Suseri was responsible for it and that she was hunting down the specter right then and there. Shinichiro and Sakuya arrive in time to see that Suseri was battling the specter, a specter in the form of samurai gear from the feudal era. It was believed that the battle was over but the specter put itself back together like it was never hurt at all. The specter then made clones of itself and began its attack. Suseri uses Spirit Summoning Technique: Kamaitachi while Sakuya uses Bow Spirit Technique: Tsumagare taking out most of the clones, or so they thought. The clones then got back up as if nothing happened. Suseri then tells Shinichiro to kiss her, but Shinichiro wouldn't do it unless it was okay with Sakuya which she quickly said no. Suseri then asked Sakuya if she'll kiss Shinichiro which she hesitated to answer. Sakuya decided to dodge the question and told Shinichiro to lure the specter with Tamako's help. He did as she said, and the plan worked in the end, or so it seemed.

It was revealed that it wasn't a specter at all. With a seal inside the helmet that spelled out "emeth" (this is Hebrew for "truth"), it was revealed to be a Golem. A Golem is created by Western Magic, so they knew how to defeat. This plan was dependent on Shinichiro. He needed to erase the e in "emeth" so that it would say "meth" (this is Hebrew for "death"). Sakuya, Suseri and Tamako clear a path for Shinichiro so that he could take the helmet and erase the e finally putting an end to the Golem.

Sakuya then notices a mysterious aura around the katana the Golem was wielding. When she picked it up, the katana possessed her. It was revealed that the katana contained a strong spirit inside of it. This was all a trap to begin with. Shinichiro then notice a mysterious woman in the sky revealed to be the responsible for not only this incident but the gloom car incident as well. Fully possessed by the katana, Sakuya began attacking the others. Suseri decided to kill her, but Shinichiro stepped in her line of fire causing him to get injured by Suseri's attack. Shinichiro then confronts the possessed Sakuya grabbing the katana before she could attack, but the katana made contact with his mouth causing Shinichiro to see visions again, but this time it learned the katana's true name, Yashou. He tamed the katana, and the mysterious Western Mage escaped.

The next day, it was revealed that Shinichiro had a special ability called The Eye of Truth. With this, he can learn the true name of any anything and anyone by just kissing them. When realizing this, Sakuya began avoiding him fearing that he may learn her true name. Later that day, the Western Mage returned this time holding a few of the students hostage. Sakuya used Murasame on her, but that ended up killing some of the students, They were then literally caught in a web by a spider-like specter, and some of their life force began to drain. Left with no other option, Shinichiro forcibly kissed Sakuya, even though she didn't want him to even if it meant she would die, which not only increased Sakuya's spiritual energy but it also caused Shinichiro to see the same visions he saw when he kissed her last time, this time in more detail. Through this, he learned that Sakuya's true name was Isuca. Sakuya defeated the specter at a difficult cost. Shinichiro has now become Sakuya's master.

Days have passed, and Sakuya constantly avoids Shinichiro. Shinichiro becomes worried, so he went to the school nurse to learn why she was acting this way. He then learned that in the Shimazu family, if any family member has their true name discovered by anybody, they will be exiled from the family. This caused Shinichiro to worry even more. Suseri then talks to him telling him to join her claiming that Sakuya is now a lost cause. Shinichiro refused saying that Sakuya would not give up over something like this. Suseri then discontinued her persuasion saying that it wouldn't feel right if she won because of this. Instead, she asked him to take good care of Sakuya.

That afternoon, Shinichiro finally got the chance to talk to Sakuya. First, she asked him what he saw when he kissed her. He saw what looked like her as a kid and a man giving her a stuffed bird. She then tells him that the reason why she wants to become head was to find her parents. She told him that her father was a Western Mage and was shunned by the Shimazu family along with her mother.

Later on, Sakuya receives a package, a mirror. This mirror sends her and Shinichiro into another dimension where they not only see the Western Mage but also a spirit impersonating Sakuya's past self. Sakuya was on the the verge of giving in to her past self, but Shinichiro snapped some sense into her telling her that she's not that girl anymore. He also promises her that he will stay by her side until the day where she could reunite with her parents. He then chases after the spirit and kisses to learn that its true name is Kousuisen. Sakuya then seals this spirit away causing them to return to their world. Sakuya is then brought to tears, and Shinichiro then comforts her.

A few days pass, and Sakuya is back to her chipper mood thanks to Shinichiro. They return home to see Tamako trying on Sakuya's undergarments which enrages Sakuya. Shinichiro cooks dinner while simultaneously argues with Sakuya about his love interest. This was interrupted by Nadeshiko, the school nurse, giving him Yashou, the katana that he tamed by learning its true name.

Shinichiro and the others then begin their next battle against a smoke specter their only choice to defeat this specter was the ventilation system. Shinichiro took initiative and opened the vents at the cost of nearly dying of suffocation. Brought back to life by Sakuya, he recovers his energy and follow the others to Suseri's location where they see an injured Suseri next to the Western Mage who later reveals her name to be Isuca (Coincidence?). Sakuya is enraged by this that she removed the red rope on her bow reveal it to be a seal and firing an arrow that severed Isuca's (the Western Mage) arm. This came at cost, it put Sakuya in a coma.

After the rest of her wounds were healed, it was up to Shinichiro to wake up. She was comatose because of the massive amount of spiritual energy she used when she removed the seal on her bow. Shinichiro then refills her spiritual energy by kissing her (can someone say Sleeping Beauty reference).

A few days later, Shinichiro later encounters Suseri while on his way to the shopping district. Suseri decided to tag along with him. He goes on about how much Sakuya was a picky eater, but that conversation didn't last long because Shinichiro knew that something was wrong with Suseri. Suseri then tells him that she wasn't a picky eater because she raised not to have favorite things especially favorite foods. They then stop by an ice cream store where Shinichiro decided to buy her a cone, but that was postponed because Suseri accidently bumped into a man with a cone in his hand causing her to get some ice cream on her clothes. Shinichiro then buys her some new clothes and then buys her an ice cream cone. She then tells him that she now has a favorite food and that eh hopes to enjoy it with her in the future and then departs.

Shinichiro returns with Sakuya and Tamako wondering why it took so long shopping. He says it's a long story but doesn't go into details. Moments later, an injured Suseri shows up, and Shinichiro asks Mari why she is injured. She tells him that Suseri was performing the ritual of exorcism which provoked him to tag along with Suseri and finish the ritual. The battle begins and they are battling the lightning beast Shinichiro fought against when first learning about the Shimazu family. When he noticed that Suseri was hesitating, Shinichiro stabs the lightning beast in the leg. He planned to learn its true name but gets knocked backed by a jolt of lightning. Suseri tries to use healing magic on him, but he told her to keep it for herself before he feel unconscious. While unconscious, he begins to visions of what looks like Suseri as a kid going through the ceremony of choosing her true name. The name Sakuya immediately came out of his mouth. He wakes up to see that lightning beast has been tamed, and Suseri asks him to to name it. He reluctantly chose the name Shiro, and Suseri went along with it.


Immense Spiritual EnergyEdit

He somehow contains a lot of spiritual energy and can regenerate it anytime he gets drained of it. He can give others his spiritual energy just by kissing but like a double-edged sword, it's helpful but risky for those on the receiving end..

The Eye of TruthEdit

He can learn anybodys True-name by kissing them.

Beginner SwordsmanshipEdit

After obtaining the sword Yashaou, Shinichiro has minimal training with a sword.