After finishing cleaning his apartment early in the morning, high school student Shinichirō Asano makes his way out the door for school. Knowing he has to pay his rent alone, with his parents travelling Europe, Shinichirō decides to ask his teacher for permission to get a part-time job. While feeling upset that his parents are no longer sending him money, Shinichirō accidentally bumps into Sakuya Shimazu, the daughter of a known rich family, who runs off shortly after.

While reviewing his record, Shinichirō teacher Nadeshiko Sōma approves the idea and asks about his talents. Hearing that he can perform basic housework, she refers him to a house. Arriving at the location after school, Shinichirō sees the Shimazu nameplate, but dismisses it as a coincidence. Believing nobody is home, Shinichirō makes his way around to investigate. Coming across a young girl on the ground, Shinichirō is asked to remove a rock from its place, suddenly inviting the shock of Sakuya. As she berates him for his action, she reveals that she sealed the girl there, who has since transformed into a large feline beast and makes her escape.

Forcing him to the ground, Sakuya berates Shinichirō's actions and asks how he passed the human-blocking barrier which she set up. Finding out that Nadeshiko sent him, Sakuya is further upset but upon Shinichirō attempts to leave but Sakuya refuses to let him, stating that he has to catch the nekomata who escaped. Sakuya reveals that she comes from a line of demon catches, of which she is the head of the 37th generation. Giving him a quiver, Sakuya brings Shinichirō as she chases the nekomata.